About MSL


(주)엠에스엘테크놀로지 전경

We are committed to relentless innovation
in technology and product development,
aiming to release products
of the highest global quality standards.

Welllcome to the website MSL Technology.
We would like to first thank you for taking your time and visiting our website.

MSL Technology was founded on April 20, 2011 under the goal of becoming a global specialist in marine aid equipments and articles for navigation. Trying to achieve the goal, we are devoted to developing new technologies and products and set an objective of launching products of the highest quality in the world. Taking advantage of experiences with developing marine aid articles for navigation for 25 years, our R&D team is committed to product development to contribute to the higher quality of marine aid equipments and articles for navigation in the nation.

We are making efforts in every possible area to incorporate IT functions into all of our marine aid articles for navigation. Our attempts at developing various low power products for the harsh power environment of the sea have produced marvelous results.

We are doing our very best in the planning of optimized marine transportation facilities, manufacture of reliable products, faithful construction, and maintenance of optimal functions for the safe navigation of ships and smooth flows of marine transportation.

We are searching for ways to advance into global markets by joining IALA and making a contribution to the acquisition of foreign currencies and the higher status of the nation by having our product quality recognized in overseas markets.

Like a student excelling his master, we are determined to make up for our late start and devote ourselves to the development of marine aids to navigation in the nation and the improved image of the nation overseas.

We wish for your much interest and concern with our company and products. We promise to keep our original resolution, stay humble, and make further progress one step after another.

MSL Technology. CEO   Kim Ki Won